AuAg 55 Enhanced Larger Gaming Desk Review

This AuAg 55″ Enhanced Larger Gaming Desk review will address everything you need to know about the desk. From the name, you can understand that it is slightly larger than many other gaming desks.

If you need to improve or enhance your gaming performance, you need the right gaming accessories. Your gaming desk and chair equally play a significant role in your performance, which is why you need specific ones for gaming activities.

The AuAg 55″ Enhanced gaming desk is one of the recommended gaming desks. This gaming desk offers everything you may need as a gamer. So, it is specially designed for gamers who want to take their performance to the next level.

AuAg 55″ Enhanced Larger Gaming Desk Review

The AuAg 55″ Enhanced Larger Gaming Desk is fantastic, and it comes with a free mouse. Little wonder, it has a lot of users who have positive comments about it. The dimensions of this desk surface are 55.1″ long and 26″ wide.

This surface is large enough to support two 27-inch monitors and still leave you with ample space for keyboards, and other gaming gear. And if you have good space management skills or organizational skills, you can use this desk for three separate monitors.

Despite having an ergonomic gaming design, this desk can also serve as a computer desk, home office desk, or even a writing table. Hence, you can describe it as a multipurpose desk, which means that you can enjoy the utmost value for your money.

Other supplemental features of this desk include a cup holder for your drinks, one headphone hook, speaker holder, a concealed power strip box, and adjustable leg pads.

There are two cable management grommets to help you keep your cables organized so that you don’t have wires scattered all over the place. You can put it that this desk is specifically designed for the pro gamers.

AuAg 55″ Enhanced Gaming Desk | Some Features

AuAg 55 Enhanced Larger Gaming Desk

This desk has numerous features, but we will look at just some of them. The features of the top gaming desk in question are right below.

1. Durability

This gaming desk is solid and durable. Its hexagonal steel leg construction creates more sturdiness and stability for the desk.

This development enables the desk to withstand the weight pressure from the monitors, keyboards, and other gaming accessories.

2. Spaciousness

The gaming desk is large and spacious enough to support your gaming gear and all other peripherals. It can also hold two 27″ 4k ultra HD display monitors.

3. Adjustability

This desk has adjustable leg pads. These pads allow the desk to remain stable while you play your games, even when the ground is uneven.

The adjustable pads prevent wobbling. Apart from the pads, the feet are height adjustable. This concept or design makes the gaming desk perfect for any surface condition.

4. Ease of Assembling

Gaming Desk Review

This gaming desk is simple and straightforward to assemble. There is an instruction manual that explains how you can assemble the desk.

If you are a pro gamer who isn’t new to using gaming desks, assembling this product will come easy for you.

5. Great value for money

This is a fantastic product that offers the utmost value for money. When you have this desk, you can enjoy everything you want from a gaming desk. It can even suffice as a home office desk.

There is no limit to what you can achieve with this amazing desk. Get one for yourself or a relative and see why it is well-known among pro gamers.

Product Benefits
  • It is easy and straightforward to assemble.
  • The desk is more extensive than many other models.
  • This desk is stable, sturdy, and durable.
  • It comes with a fully-covered mouse pad.
  • The desk can serve as both a gaming desk and a writing desk.
  • It comes with a convenient cup holder.
  • It has a headphone hook.
  • The legs are height adjustable to create balance and stability on uneven ground.
  • It has a powerful cable management system.
  • The surface texture is waterproof and comfortable.
The Negative Things
  • This product only has positive reviews. No user has made any negative comments or complaints about this desk. So, it has no con.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the questions people ask about this desk

1. Question: Does the mouse pad come with the desk?

Answer: Yes, the desk comes with a free water-resistant thick mouse pad covering the entire desk.

2. Question: Could one person set this desk up by oneself, and how long does it take?

Answer: Yes, very easily. And it takes about 45 minutes to set up.

3. Question: Is the desk stable on carpet?

Answer: Yes, very much so. The desk comes with four leveling feet, which are height adjustable.

4. Question: Will I still have room if I use a 34 inch curved monitor on it?

Answer: You should be able to. I run a 27-inch curved and a 24-inch bend, and still have room for other accessories.

5. Question: Is it wireless?

Answer: It is a desk, and desks don’t have wires. So, it is definitely, wireless.

Final Verdict

With everything that we explained in this AuAg 55″ Enhanced Larger Gaming Desk review, we believe that we covered everything about this desk.

It is a wonderful desk that can both be used as a gaming desk and a writing desk. The surface is smooth enough to provide fluidity when writing on the desk.

The desk supports all your gaming gears and accessories, keeping you very organized so that you can focus on your games. And with a desk like this, playing games with epic battle storylines can be great fun.

To get this desk or any gaming desk, we suggest that you visit Amazon. On Amazon, you will get the top gaming accessories at incredible prices. And for convenience’s sake, they can assist with the delivery.