Atlantic Gaming Desk vs. Pro

In this Atlantic Gaming Desk vs. Pro review, we will look at all the features of the two gaming desks. There is no doubt both are great gaming desks, their unique features will be explained to provide more insight into them.

We understand that some game enthusiasts are confused about which one to choose for gaming. At the end of this write-up, we believe that making the right buying decision will become much easier.

Atlantic Gaming Desk

This is one of the most popular gaming desks among pro gamers. Its construction materials consist of medium density fiberboard, steel tubing, plastic, and PVC. The metal tubing boasts of solid metal, which means that nothing will bend or break due to weight pressure from what you place on the desk.

This product has a remote stand or controller that supports three remote controls, while two speaker holders are on each side of the desk.

Its game holder can accommodate up to nine games. There are also two headphone hooks and a cup holder for your drink. The TV stand holds up to 27-inch TV, but the elevated shelf can hold up to 32-inch TV.

There is a charging station where you can charge your mobile devices while you play your game. The charging station in question has a channel where you can run the cables through to charge the devices.

Another feature is the cable management system. This development enables you to avoid wire conundrum or to prevent wires from littering the gaming area.

Atlantic Gaming Desk Pro

This is another popular gaming desk among pro gamers. Just like the Atlantic gaming desk, this model supports your gaming gear too. The TV stand can support a 32-inch TV while the game holder supports up to ten games.

Unlike the Atlantic Gaming Desk that has a rectangle shape, the Pro has a rectangle shape with a curved front. The Pro has only one headphone hook. This isn’t a con since you only need one headphone for your games.

Differences between the Atlantic Gaming Desk and Pro

We told you that both are top-quality and popular gaming desks. That notwithstanding, both have certain differences. Below are some of those differences.

  • Atlantic gaming desk holds up to nine games while the Pro can hold up to ten games.
  • The Atlantic gaming desk has an accessory tray while the Pro does not.
  • Atlantic gaming desk weighs 37 pounds while the Pro weighs 40 pounds.

Similarities between the Atlantic Gaming Desk and Pro

These are some of the similarities between the two gaming desks.

  • The two desks have a cup holder each.
  • Both desks have speaker stands.
  • They both have a headphone/headset hook.
  • The elevated shelves support up to 32-inch TV.
  • Both gaming desks have charging stations for your mobile device.
  • The two desks are sturdy and durable, as they both consist of solid metal.
  • These two gaming desks have a built-in wire-management system.
  • The two desks have an under-desk basket.
  • Both of them have a power strip tray.
  • They both have two controller hooks each.
  • The two desks have ample room for your gaming peripherals.
  • They are both easy to assemble.
  • Both desks offer great value for money.

Atlantic Gaming Desk vs. Pro Review

Judging from this review, you will observe that these two gaming desks have a few differences and a lot of similarities. This implies that either of them is suitable for a pro gamer.

The underlying characteristic of all Atlantic gaming desks is providing all the necessary features that will create a fantastic gaming experience.  One major difference between the two gaming desks is the number of games that they can hold.

While the Atlantic gaming desk supports about nine games, the Pro supports ten. If you have less than ten favorite games, you can choose either of the desks, but if you are playing ten or more games, you can go for the Atlantic Gaming Desk Pro.

Things to Consider – When Choosing Your Gaming Desk?

It is possible to be confused about which of the desks to choose since they have virtually the same similarities.

This is why you need to consider certain factors to make a decision on choosing the most suitable gaming desk. Below are some of the factors to consider.

1. The size of Your Room

If you are yet to decide on which one to buy, consider the size of your room. Check the dimensions of the two desks and pick the one that will fit perfectly in your room or the reserved space.

The overall dimensions of the desks are as follow: Atlantic Gaming Desk; 44.8 “W x 26.2” D x 27 “H and Atlantic Gaming Desk Pro; 52.5 “W x 29.13 “D x 29.75 “H.

These dimensions indicate that the Pro is slightly larger than the Atlantic Gaming Desk. So, if you have a fairly large space, you may consider going for the Atlantic Gaming Desk.

2. Your Budget

The prices of both desks vary, although their prices are reasonable compared to the prices of other units.

To choose the right one for you, pick the one that is within your budget. A budget is always an important factor in buying decisions. You will avoid overspending when you shop on a budget.

Final Verdict

In this article, you learned that the two gaming desks we talked about have many similarities. This may make it confusing to make a pick.

But based on everything that we discussed in this Atlantic Gaming Desk vs. Pro review, we believe that you should now know which of the desks is more suitable for you.

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